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Well, here goes my first attempt at the blogging sphere.  I have to say, it sure beats boring my wife with the goings on of my everyday life.  But this is mainly for you – all those passionate about spirits and cocktails.  To all those who want to learn from each other, as I hope to do from you.  I’ll share recipes, stories, musings and mishaps that I hope will entertain.  That’s a high standard to strive towards, I know.  But what else is more entertaining than reading into the personal lives of others.  Nothing, I say.

I’m kinda new at this blogging thing.  I have a website, but that’s different.  I get some guy in Chicago to update that for me.  This is more hands on.  Do I even have the time for it?  We’ll see, folks, we’ll see. 

First off I’d like to inform you that I’m doing some very intense research.  Research that I haven’t done as religiously as when I was a 3rd year liberal arts college student.  What, might you say, am I researching?  Old cocktail books.  Yes, I know, it’s a long time coming.  Shoulda started sooner.  I have to say that I sometimes feel behind on the times when it comes to cocktail history.  Oh yeah, and get this, I’ll be leading a seminar along with Brian Rea and Jack Robertiello at this year’s Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans about old cocktail books and recipes.  Gotta get crackin’!


Hello world!

Welcome to my blog about bars, restaurants, cocktails, life, love, whatever.  Comments are greatly appreciated.  Please also visit my website: www.thecocktailguru.com

Thanks bunches.

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