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Well, here goes my first attempt at the blogging sphere.  I have to say, it sure beats boring my wife with the goings on of my everyday life.  But this is mainly for you – all those passionate about spirits and cocktails.  To all those who want to learn from each other, as I hope to do from you.  I’ll share recipes, stories, musings and mishaps that I hope will entertain.  That’s a high standard to strive towards, I know.  But what else is more entertaining than reading into the personal lives of others.  Nothing, I say.

I’m kinda new at this blogging thing.  I have a website, but that’s different.  I get some guy in Chicago to update that for me.  This is more hands on.  Do I even have the time for it?  We’ll see, folks, we’ll see. 

First off I’d like to inform you that I’m doing some very intense research.  Research that I haven’t done as religiously as when I was a 3rd year liberal arts college student.  What, might you say, am I researching?  Old cocktail books.  Yes, I know, it’s a long time coming.  Shoulda started sooner.  I have to say that I sometimes feel behind on the times when it comes to cocktail history.  Oh yeah, and get this, I’ll be leading a seminar along with Brian Rea and Jack Robertiello at this year’s Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans about old cocktail books and recipes.  Gotta get crackin’!


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