Monking it up

We all know monks are cool.  The way they dress, the whole oath thing, the castles…

But did we know that they keep some of the best-kept secrets in all the land?  Mainly the secret recipe behind Benedictine liqueur, an herbal elixir created 500 years ago this year by the jolly men of the Benedictine order in France. 

Our U.S. Bartenders’ Guild NY Chapter met earlier this month for a spirited mixer brought to us by the folk at Benedictine.  We stuffed ourselves into a private room at Bookmarks Lounge, all eager to taste some Benedictine cocktails, eat some food, and hear from a certain young French-man who represents this brand on a world-wide scale.  Ludo Miazga is well-respected in the cocktail world, and our sponge-like minds took in the information he spewed to us happily and openly.

It’s base is beet-spirit, it’s botanicals include anise and coriander, and it’s exact blend of botanicals is secret.  What we do know is that the recipe contains 27 plants and spices.   We tried a lovely cocktail created by Ludo with Benedictine, egg white, honey syrup and lemon juice.

Another special guest of ours was Lynn House, mixologist extraordinaire in Chi-Town (that’s Chicago), and a proud member of the USBG in Illinois.  She’s darlin’, and her cocktails are a pleasure to sip.

Ever wonder what the “D.O.M” on the front bottle label means?  No, not Dominican Order of Monks, silly!  It means “Deo Optimo Maximo.”  Didn’t you know that?

And a special congrats to Mr. Damon Dyer of Louis 649.  He won the Benedictine Esquire competition the following evening.  Congrats, my man!

Enjoy these pics from the night’s festivities:

Lynn House from Chicago mixing up her drinks.

A trippy photo of Ludo speaking to our group.  Hey, I'm no pro at this, k?

Here's a trippy photo of Ludo talking to our group. I'm not a pro photog, k?

There's Lynn again, talking to us about females in mixology.



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