Jimmy’s, Aspen, CO

 Jimmy Yeager saddles up to our cocktail table, looks me straight in the eye, and exclaims, “Jonathan Pogash – great to see you!  How are ‘ya?”  

“I’m…doing well,” I respond, embarrassed at the fact that I didn’t recognize the bloke.  “Where have we met?” I ask.

“Here…Aspen…” Jimmy says reluctantly.

Nope.  Not here.  Never been here.  Well, came here when I was 16 years old, but that doesn’t count.  I was young…unable to experience the things I had experienced during this trip to Aspen.

Before we can figure it out, Jimmy tells me that Jill DeGroff just made a drawing of him and did a feature about him.

“The Cocktailian Calendar! I saw your drawing!  October, right?” Jimmy asks.  “That must be it.”

We agree that we had probably met beforehand in person, and before we can disect the situation event further, Jimmy strides up to his bartender and shouts out over the packed crowd: “Strawberry-Jalapeno Margaritas for my pals over here.”

As we sip our fresh strawberry jalapeno Tequila infusions, Jimmy chats along, infusing us with his vibrant energy and  never-ending enthusiasm.  He appreciates the craft of the cocktail…he thrives on industry people frequenting his establishment…he’s humbling when told of the impact his bar/restaurant has on the working class folk of Aspen, Colorado.

Jimmy’s is a destination – it’s where you party before you go out to party, and it’s where you always end up at the end of the night.  The food is on par, and the drinks are fresh and balanced.

I was at Jimmy’s nearly every day I was in Aspen.  Some of the best times were spent on the patio, sipping Mezcal and slinging back beers ’til 2am. 

The next time I’m in Aspen, I think I’ll ask the cab driver at the airport to bring me directly to Jimmy’s.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they respond with the folllowing: “Ah yes, Jimmy’s.  Tell Jimmy I said ‘Hi.’ Shall I schedule a pick-up there when you’re ready to go back to the airport?”

“Yes, please,” will be my response.

Jimmy’s, An American Restaurant & Bar, is located at 208 S. Mill St, Aspen, CO




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