What I’m Nursing Right Now: A Burnt Red Face and Grand Ma

What a peculiar title for a blog post, you may be saying to yourselves.  If you could see my face right now, you wouldn’t necessarily be perturbed by the title.  Okay, so I brought sunscreen to Vail just for this very purpose.  Okay, so I forgot to actually apply the sunscreen to my face whilst on the slopes.  The Grand Ma just got to my head…and face, apparently.

Every April, one hundred of the country’s top mixologists join the team behind Grand Marnier and Navan in sunny and snowy Vail, Colorodo, for the Grand Marnier Navan Mixology Summit.  I had the privelege of returning this year as an alumna, and I can say with certainty that this year was better than last.

Our accomodations were the Vail Cascade Resort, a mountainside establishment with its very own lift (very key), and its very own bar with fireplace (even more key).  Here are some highlights of the quick-form variety.  You can infer your own stories from the incomplete sentences below:

150th anniversary GM flowed like the bubbling water rushing down Eagle creek.

Steve Olson and his team of mixologists – talent, education, and inspiration.

Craps, blackjack, roulette, skiis, and itouches.

Iphone application…look it up at Iphone store.

Spinning out on the slopes.

Good Morning Vail on TV 8.

Pork belly cubes marinated in Navan.




Hot Tub.

Eucalyptus steam room.

Grand Marnier 150th Anniversary Crusta.

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Summit pics:


Andy Seymour and Steve Olson, the AKA Wine Geek Crew


GM 150 Crusta


The Gala Dinner held at the Vail Cascade.


Mr. Bartender of the Year John Lermayer mixing up some GM libations.


Danny Valdez in all his glory.  Way to look down when you’re slammed at the bar, Danny!


Aisha  Sharpe from Contemporary Cocktails, back again for the 2nd year in a row.


Grand Marnier makes us happy.  Me, Megan FitzGerald, John Pomeroy (The Hideout), and Lesley Townsend (Manhattan Cocktail Classic)


The decadent dessert at our Gala dinner.


Centerpieces at the Gala Dinner.


Want video?  There’s also word of a vlog posting coming up soon.


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