It’s Time to Experiment

It seems the NY Times has finally taken notice of the little classic cocktail lounge on Rue St-Sauveur in Paris that I blogged about not too long ago.  Check out this excerpt from today’s Sunday Styles section:

Since opening in November 2007, the bar, L’Experimental Cocktail Club, has inspired  the kind of allegiance normally reserved for French films, politicians, patisseries, and soccer.  Two thousand fans are listed on Facebook.  Regulars clock their daily attendance.  Inside the 40-seat room, adorned sparsely with a “ghost” chandelier and rustic bricks and beams, everyone truly seems to know your name.

Not bad in a country where no one, it seems, drinks cocktails.

 And while you’re at it, take a gander at my recent write-up about the Experimental Cocktail Club:

They even spoke very highly about Bartendress Carina Soto Velasquez:

Model-tall with stark bangs and deep dimples, Ms. Velasquez, 23, is a main attraction.  She flashes those dimples and pumps a pair of shakers vigorously, overhead, like hand weights in a mesmerizing aerobics routine…

Feast your eyes on the little video that I made with my friend Andy on our recent trip to Paris.  You can see Carina in full action, preparing some lovely cocktails for us.  You can see more of my trip to Paris in upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

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