Who Broke Don Lee’s Wrist? OR Charlotte Voisey’s Mafia Toes…I mean ties.

Yes, it’s true that Don broke his wrist 1 day before leaving for Italy to compete in the Averna Cocktail Challenge.  Someone surely wanted to take him out, knowing that whenever a shaker is put into his two hands, magic happens.   But guess what?  He won anyway – one handed and all!  When will the Don Lee craze ever end?

Getting back to this grim, spellbinding tale…

So who the heck broke Don’s wrist? 

Was it the Salerno Mafia?

Tad Carducci?

That Wondrich guy?

Or…CHARLOTTE VOISEY in an arm-wrestling match?!?!

You be the judge (we hear she likes to break people’s feet, too):

Come up with your most inventive theory behind this 21st Century mystery, and post it as a comment on my blog.  The best one will appear in an issue of the Ardent Spirits Newsletter.


Perhaps some of these photos may spark a theory:

(Above photos taken at the Bols Genever Launch in NYC)

Doesn’t Gary look like he’s got something up his sleeve?  And how about Shawn from Pernod-Ricard?  She may not be as innocent as she seems.




  1. I heard a rumour that a hit was taken out on Don via the New York traffic cops who arranged a drive by while he was biking to work….one never knows about New York.

  2. i know there are more pics of you from this Bols Genever event. lol i did not know that Charlotte VoIsey liked to arm wrestle thanks for that tidbit Jonathan.

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