Pic Your Olives Not Your Toes!

A couple of years ago (geez, has it been that long!), a young lady approached me as I was slinging drinks at The Campbell Apartment for commuters catching their 6:32 Metro-North trains. (As a side bar, if you haven’t been over to this magnificent prohibition-era cocktail lounge, you’re missing out.  There is not other space like it in the city, and the cocktails are pretty damned tasty – not that I’m biased or anything.)  So, getting back to this young lady who approached me at the bar.  She ordered a drink, a gin martini, I think, and proceeded to intently study the pic that which was holding her 3 pimento-stuffed olives.  She called me over and asked me where I get my cocktail pics from.  Hell if I knew.  They’re just there.  They’ve been there since I started.  Never really thought about it.  What’s your obsession with olive pics, I thought.  She proceeded to hand me her business card, and as it turns out, cocktail pics is her business.  And guess what?  I should be paying more attention to what kind of cocktail pics I skewer those olives, or cocktail onions, or whatever, on. 

Allow me to tell you a little bit about this woman’s interesting products.  Janet Torelli makes these lovely sterling silver designer cocktail pics.  And that’s not all!  She also makes servers, spoons, and sugar tongs.  If I had known about her terrific website when I was betrothed, I would have registered for her goods.  Yes, she does wedding registries, too.  Make me happy and click this link to go to her website.  You’ll be amazed at the hand-crafted art that is sure to add flair and luxury to your cocktails. 

Now doesn’t this Manhattan look ten-times better with Ms. Torelli’s cocktai pic:

(photo courtesty of martinipic.com)

Get with the trends.  Skewer your garnishes.


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  1. Those are quite lovely. My only concern would be having them walk away, but that often happens with Tiki Mugs too.

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