Blazing Trails in Spain

You may think that by the above title I am writing about a recent trip to Spain.  You’d like to think so, wouldn’t you?  I’m not THAT lucky.  I accepted an even better substitute a few days ago and attended a Wines From Spain tasting at none other than Per Se.  Yes, that illustrious center of gastronomic perfection located in Columbus Circle.  I’m almost embarrassed to say that this was my first experience at Per Se, and most def not my last. 

It’s only fair to give the wines some air time, and that they did deserve.  The ever humorous Doug Frost moderated the wine tasting, and guests included Steve Olsen, David Rosengarten, Jack Robertiello, Natalie Bovis-Nelson (the Liquid Muse), Baroness Shari De Borgrave, just to name a few.  A Martinsancho Verdejo 2007 from Bodegas Angel Rodriguez was light, herbal, and had strong notes of white peach (look at me, the Mixologist, talking about wines!)  On the red side, the El Nido 2005 from Bodegas El Nido, had a deep, rich rose color, capped with hints of cinnamon, spice, and dark fruits.  (Mind you, folks, I work with spirits and cocktails.  You may think that some of my wine verbage is a bit elementary.  Please forgive this doltz.)

For lunch (oh, did I not mention that this was a luncheon), we dined on an interesting salad of spring beans, that seemed to include different ‘stations’ on the plate each with unique flavors.  A monkfish wrapped in bacon was melt in your mouth good, and a Liberty Valley duck ‘roulade’ was cooked to perfection.  The accompanying poached morel mushrooms fit the dish to a tee.  Service, as everyone who has been to Per Se can agree on, was professional and unobtrusive. 

Stick to cocktails, Jonathan, you say?  I disagree.  The more well-rounded my edumacation, the better.  So crack open a bottle of Vino de Espagna, my friends, and dream of the harvest season in Galicia.


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