The Astor Family would be proud

I myself was amazed, during the 2-hour class that I taught at the Astor Center this past Saturday afternoon, that so many great cocktails were created in this short amount of time.  Who knew that the students that participated that fine, balmy spring day, would become my direct competition.  I’m happy, truthfully, that I was able to share some skills and, really, just have people to rant to, about my passion that is Mixology.  The experiment that was “Elements of Mixology” at the Astor Center in the East Village of Manhattan, I’m glad to say, is no longer an experiment.  I think that it’s come into its own.  Perhaps I speak too soon.  Don’t wanna jinx myself, after all.

Good news – the kind folks at the Astor Center have added some more classes.  Perhaps you at home or behind the stick would be interested in attending.  The next class is Sat., May 31st.  I’ll let you in on a little secret: click HERE for more info and to buy tickets, and when you see the section that allows you to type in a discount code, type: industry08.  This is a special 1/2 price deal for you members of the food and beverage industry.  Hope to see ‘ya there!

Here are some fun pix from the first class:

The kitchen, the students, the available ingredients…

The creative juices were flowing.

Look at that form!


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  1. Everyone had a blast in Jonathan’s class. How could one not, what with his friendly manner and words of encouragement. Recommended to anyone who has ever wanted to create a cocktail, but hasn’t yet left the starting gate, and for those who do like to create cocktails, and want to try new spirits, liqueurs, and a wide variety of juices and produce. The sheer amount of product available was overwhelming (in a good way). Met a lot of great people too! Cheers to Jonathan.

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