Mr. Holland’s Opus

Last evening I accompanied my wife of nearly a year to a terrific dinner put on by one of her good friends from home.  He recently renovated his grandfather’s house in New Bedford, MA, and to thank everyone who helped out, he secured a private room and treated us all to a very plentiful dinner at a very exciting venue, Opus.  The south coast of Massachusetts is not particularly known for it’s fine dining establishments, although some delicious casual dining restaurants abound at almost every turn.  Opus is fine dining, yet in a casual, comfortable way.  The first think I did, of course, was peruse the list of specialty cocktails, and with names like “Mr. Holland’s Opus” and “The Itsy Bitsy Teeney Weeney Yellow Polka Dot Martini,” I knew for sure I was in for a treat.  To be frank, the list was impressive for it’s geological location.  I was amazed.  I opted for my old stand-by, a Maker’s Manhattan on the rocks with extra bitters.  Without flinching the waiter returned with just what I asked for.  The food – ahh the food – was simple and served in perfect proportion to the group’s hearty appetite.  I guess you could say the food is down-home American with a Mediterranean flair.  Crispy, golden hot pepper calamari – sweet pork dumplings – and as a main for myself – surf and turf of grilled chicken breast and lobster tail – are just some examples of the culinary feast I experienced.  As always, desert is a very important part of my eating out experience, and these did not fail.   A creamy peanut butter chocolate moose served it’s purpose, and the Oreo Cheescake seemed home-made, and I would not be surprised if it was.  The staff was polite and efficient, and made us feel welcomed.  We were the last to leave the place,  on the eve of Easter, and if I could make this trek to Opus a yearly Easter eve tradition, I would.   


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