Bar Crawl: East Village Part Deux

Okay it’s been enough time for you all to digest Part One of this series.  Now for the continuation.  Stay with me here.  It’s the same evening, and we’ve moved on from Freeman’s to another East Village joint hidden on East 6th St.  The place with the black doors reminiscent of Hell.  Yes, it’s Death & Co., one of the newest classic cocktail lounges to crop up since the rise in popularity of places like Pegu Club and Flatiron Lounge.  We arrived at the big heavy doors only to be greated by the doorman who told us he’d call us when a table opened up.  ‘There’s no standing room, not even at the bar,’ he told us.  This was a new concept.  I was under the impression that in order for a bar to make money, the place needed to be packed to the max.  Maybe I was wrong.  Anyways, we made our way in and fenagled our way to a table.  The cocktails were great – I had a cucumber mint drink (I know that combo is so 2004, but this seeemed to have a new twist on it that pleased my palate).  The bartenders were busy busy behind the stick emphatically shaking up some of the long list of classics and variations on classics. 

Longing for a vibe that suited the future of our late night, we headed for PDT, which cleverly stands for ‘Please Don’t Tell.’  This lounge, a twist on a speakeasy, has the best entrance to any bar I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  As we walked up to 113 St. Mark’s Place, a group of young men were congregated outside smoking butts.  We asked them how to get in, and they pointed to the hot dog joint next door.  Of course!  We had heard about the phone booth entrance, and it was only fitting that it would be next door inside the hot dog joint.  We followed that mystifying scent through the doors and made a left once inside.  There stood the phone booth, just waiting to be entered.  So I did just that, and gave a knock once inside.  Okay, so you’re supposed to pick up the phone and wait for a response, but I didn’t get that at first.  The door on the other side opened to the hostess on the other side asking me how many were in my party.  After waiting no more than 2 minutes, we were led to our table.  The taxidermy above didn’t phase us, and the stiff drinks weren’t too much of a concern at this hour of the night.  We were just happy to sit in a comfortable booth, listen to good music, sip on Jim Meehan’s (of Grammercy Tavern fame) cocktails, and nibble on hot dogs and waffle fries.  Stiff drinks + hot dogs + waffle fries + good vibe = bliss.  We were thouroughly satisfied with our late night escapade to PDT.  I will return…soon!



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