How to flame an orange twist

Ahh yes, the wonderfully flashy flamed orange twist.  This method of showmanship, while adding flavor and color to a cocktail, was popularized my none other than Dale DeGroff.  He is one of the modern-day legends in the field of mixology.  Now I will as clearly and consisely as possible, describe to you how to flame an orange twist:

1. Take a nice, colorful orange and place it on your cutting board.

2. Grab your knife, and slice a small, quarter-size piece of the orange rind, trying to get as little of the white pith as possible, and NONE of the orange ‘meat.’

3. Take the orange ‘twist’ in your hand, with the skin side out, and hold it over your cocktail.

4. Light a match, or a lighter, and gently warm the skin side of your twist.

5. Now your twist is ripe and ready to be flamed: Gently squeeze your twist in the direction of the flame, and over your drink, so that the oils from the rind fall directly into the drink.

6. Now rub the skin-side of your twist along the rim of your glass, and drop into the cocktail, with the pith side down.

7. Flaming an orange twist caramelizes the oils that occur naturally on the skins of citrus fruits, and add a nice flavor to a drink.



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