Me ol’ pal James

James Moreland is a dear old friend.  I worked with him at Town Restaurant in the hay-day of the early 2000’s.  He is a great bar-man, and taught me a lot during my ‘green’ phase as a bartender.  Well, last night, as I was dashing back and forth behind the bar at Bookmarks Lounge (we were quite packed), I saw a figure on the other side of the bar that seemed familiar to me.  Mr. Moreland had come to my bar to visit.  Now, this is very rare.  James is a jetsetter, a man about town, a dude who travels to gosh knows where and rarely can be located.  Man, was he a sight for sore eyes.  I immediately made a drink for my old friend: “Something strong, ya’ know – none of that sweet crap,” he always tells me, in his Ausssie drawl.  James is a brand ambassador for Bombay Sapphire Gin, a terrificly balanced, flavorful spirit that is well-known across the world to consumers and bartenders alike.  Being pretty proud of the cocktail I had just made up, I enthusiastically placed it in front of him, eager to see his reaction.  He snatched the drink, took one look at how busy I was, and didn’t bother me for the rest of his visit.  Like he would be a bother.  Good man, James.  I wouldn’t have been able to chat anyways.  Here’s  the recipe for the drink I came up with for James last night.  Try it yourself and let me know:

Juniper Cherry

1 1/2 oz. Bombay Sapphire Gin

1/4 oz. Dry Vermouth

1/4 oz. Sweet Vermouth

splash fresh lemon juice

2 dashes Agostura Bitters

3-5 pitted dark cherries

Directions:  Muddle the cherries in the lemon juice and bitters.  Add remaining ingredients and stir for 30 seconds.  Strain into a chilled Martini Glass.

Garnish: 1 black cherry dropped into the glass

Bombay Sapphire Bottle


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