The Zen of Chocolate

It was a bit hard to get out of bed this morning, probably because my tummy was filled with delicousness from a dinner that I was invited to last night.  Godiva Liqueur had a tasting session and dinner at NYC’s Tao Restaurant – yup, the place that was converted into a restaurant from a movie theatre, decked out with a giant golden Buddha and all.  Elayne Duke, brand ambassador for Reserve Brands at Diageo/US Concepts was leading the session of hotel managers, mixologists, distributors, salespeeps, etc.  We tasted all of the Godiva flavors – 5 in all!  Had no idea about that, but was pleased to find out.   We were given nicely balanced Godiva cocktails to try, and some of Tao’s specialty gastronomic items.  The sushi was terrific, the striped bass skewers were succulent, and the spring rolls were crisped to perfection.  Our long table up in the ‘skybox’ section was packed with plates of Asian yumminess.  After trying all of the silky Godiva flavors, I came to the conclusion that, although very tasty as they are, I’m still a Godiva “original” kinda guy.  Thanks, Godiva Liqueur, for a terrific dinner!

Try this silky Godiva recipe on your own:

Godiva Tuxedo

1 oz. Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur

1 oz. Godiva Liqueur

Directions: Combine over ice in a rocks glass.

Garnish: Try a flamed orange twist *

*how to flame an orange twist, coming up this week.



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