Fri. Night in B-town

This past Friday evening, as I emerged from Bookmarks Lounge, tired and weak from a busy evening behind the stick, I was eager to settle down and throw down a beer or three.  So I met my wife and sister-in-law at Pacific Standard, a funky, like 30-beer-on-tap kinda joint on 4th Ave. in Brooklyn.  So there I was, listening to a literature reading in the back room of this place, reading the 2-page long sheet of beers that were on tap.  Now, mind you, I’m no beer expert, but I know some good microbrews when I see them.  Well, if you’re ever in the mood to be blown away by a bar’s selection of brews, then look no further than Pacific Standard.  It’s “hopping” on Friday nights, and I can only imagine what Saturday nights are like.  And I hear they have a happy hour during the week.  I wish I could remember which beers I had.  One of them was a ram-rod something or other.  I’m sure if you say ‘ram-rod something or other,’ the barkeep will know exactly what you mean.   

They kinda have a neat logo, too:


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